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Customer Testimonials

  • Kim was so helpful and informative about the whole experience.  The rooms are very clean and soothing, and my allergies are beginning to subside after one experience. I am looking forward to going back.

    Molly P.
  • Thanks to my good friend Cindy, I tried this after 4 weeks of asthma. What a relief!! The facility was beautiful, I relaxed and I breathed!!! Relief before my time was up and my wheeze was finally gone. I could take a nice deep breath. I’m going again next week to keep my lungs happy!!! So glad this is available in Spfd!!

    Joanna G.
  • Breathe Salt Vault has improved my quality of life! I have sleep apnea, sinus problems, and last year was diagnosed with COPD. Since my first visit I have not had to use my inhaler or nose spray. I cannot believe the difference in my breathing and sleep quality! I am looking forward to my fourth visit today! I highly recommend!!

    Jack W.
  • My breathing improved, my sinuses started draining , and my acne hurt less after my session! I am looking forward to going again.

    Erin B.
  • What a wonderful experience, I was sick the first part of the year, and I was having a hard time breathing and a very heavy sensation in my chest. Just after two visits to the Breathe Salt Vault my breathing has greatly improved and the heavy sensation has gone away. It has also helped with my allergy symptoms. The staff is so nice and pleasant to work with, relaxing and very clean environment. I would highly recommend !!!

    Kim S.
  • "I own a salt room in Illinois and was traveling to Missouri to visit family. My mother in law had congestion, so I looked up a salt room near us. It was 2 hrs away but this place was worth it! Kim was wonderful! This was beautifully decorated, and had comfortable blankets. I had a very relaxing 45 min session and came out feeling very energized and my sinuses were cleared (I didn’t know I was stuffy until after my session). I received a complimentary water and snack afterwards and enjoyed the warm foot dome while sitting on her sofa in the waiting area. The soaps and essential oils for sale, smelled delicious. I will definitely be back to this salt room whenever I pass through Missouri again. A+ from this salt room owner to another."

    Rosa A.
  • "We had a day of relaxation, focus and self love before my daughters wedding and Breathe Salt Vault was the absolute perfect experience. We had an intention setting ceremony, Tana led us in a meditation all while taking in the benefits of the salt vault. Kim and her staff are the BEST! I would recommend this everyday, especially for days like we had. A few of our girls were skeptical, they all left there in bliss and gratitude. Thank you, Breathe Salt Vault! This experience carried on from Thursday to Saturday, the wedding day. We are grateful!"

    Amy W.
  • "So relaxing! Plus it has really helped my psoriasis. I also have copd and have truly felt improvements in my breathing!!"

    Tina S.
  • "I took my 14 month old in today. He has suffered since birth with chronic runny nose and ear infections. I’m excited to see what a couple of sessions will do. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing!"

    Carrie T.
  • "Learned about the Salt Vault today at work. Some of my co workers mentioned it because I was still coughing after almost 3 weeks and having already finished taking medicine for a week. Went to their website , reading and calling to ask questions. Appointment this afternoon and another one at 11 tomorrow, but cough is already almost gone. Recommend this new business."

    Rhonda A.
  • "I visited the Salt Vault and experienced one of the rooms. I had a stressful day before I went and the atmosphere, salt and music was magical and 45 minutes later I felt completely stress free, had a positive attitude and  felt like I had been on vacation on the beach. I reccomend this to everyone who needs time to rejuvenate and to be good to yourself. It is wonderful."

    Christine T.
  • "So incredibly impressed with my experience with Breathe Salt Vault! As I walked in, I was greeted and explained the process. As it being my first time, I didn't know what to expect, but the staff member was kind and walked me through it. I made my way into the room, and since I was the only person that booked my session, I was alone in the room. The room itself was beautiful, with a lighted salt wall and salt rocks on the other walls. The chairs were comfortable, and I was given a blanket. I must have fallen asleep not long after the session started. When my session was over, the staff member knocked on the door, the cue it was over. My throat was a little scratchy (a tickle) which is normal, but it only lasted about an hour. I went home and sleep like a baby. Today, I feel relaxed, and feel like my breathing is better. Will definitely return!!"

    Casey C.
  • "First time experience was interesting.  Not knowing what to expect from the treatment, seeing I do not have COPD, Asthma or a skin disorder. The treatment definitely help with stress level, after I felt this overwhelming sense of  balance in my life! I was very clear in thought processing. Could take a deeper breath easily.  Toxins flush must have worked because my urine turned a bright yellow and so did my friends.  I'll be back ,  soon"

    Linda D.
  • "What a soothing experience! It’s a relaxing atmosphere with a friendly staff. And, I really think it improved my sleep after my session."

    Michelle W.
  • "What a fantastic experience! The facility is beautiful, and the session was the most relaxing part of the whole week. All of that and my allergy symptoms have subsided and I slept like a baby. Breathe Salt Vault is the perfect reset. I highly recommend!!!"

    Melissa Y.
  • "A friend and I signed up for a guided meditation session with halo therapy. It was AMAZING! I was blown away by how incredible of an experience it was. I will definitely go back! The amount of love and passion that’s put into this business is incredible. It shows in every area and in the warmth as soon as you walk in the door. I felt so amazing afterward, slept like a teenager and my skin felt silkie soft the next morning. I could go on and on with my experience, it was that good! I highly recommend any class with Tana!"

    Brandy K.
  • "Why, oh why did I wait so long to come in?  Clean, calming, amazing.   Friendly and educational staff.   Well worth the investment in my health.   I'll be spreading the word you can bet on that."

    Julie T.
  • "I attended a Guided Relaxation with Tana and it was calming, relaxing, and restorative.  Tana has amazing energy, and I had the most restful night's sleep afterward.  I will definitely be back!"

    Angela H.
  • "So fabulous, and relaxing! Clean, inviting, and very friendly. Informative also. Thanks for a wonderful treat for Mother’s Day. My daughter fell asleep!!"

    Karen S.
  • "Enjoyed my first session in the salt vault. Sinuses were much more open at the end of the session and I also found the experience very relaxing.  Would definitely recommend trying for sinus congestion.  Anxious for another session to see if it builds on the benefits of the first session."

    Janice S.
  • "I highly recommend Breathe Salt Vault. I breathe easier and I sleep so well at night. I feel totally amazing!!"

    Debra C.
  • "Great experience. I wish there was a Salt Vault closer to me. It was quite relaxing. I tried this with a friend, picking the open vault. We sat with another guest, who was able to recount great success stories that encouraged her to come back. The owner is super comforting and inviting."

    Sara A.
  • "I can tell when it's time to pay a visit to Breathe Salt Vault. I have difficulty breathing deeply and have to use my inhaler. While in the relaxing salt vault I do my breathing exercises until I find myself asleep and the owner waking me up!"

    Debbie P.
  • "This place is amazing, the owner is a very sweet person that makes the experience even better! I have been fighting a cold, and after my session I coughed all the way home. Now I feel like I can breath, and my asthma is so much better!! Go try it!!"

    Sherrie H.
  • "What a great experience, loved the class was so relaxing and the salt was easy to breathe.  Can not wait till my next experience with the salt vault."

    Angela C.
  • "Very friendly and inviting. I do think it has helped some sinus issues. It is also very relaxing. I will be going back and definitely recommend this place."

    Tamara C.
  • "This was the most amazing experience! The facility is gorgeous and the people are outstanding! I will most definitely be back! I feel so recharged!"

    Ashley D.
  • "What an amazing beautiful environment!!! Love this place. Its my dedicated calm & relaxing time to create healing within the mind and body! Oh ya & my sinus pressure is gone. Im looking forward to trying there meditation & yoga classes here."

    Michelle H.
  • "Attended a #YogaEventsWithLexus event! Loved it. It was so relaxing and I’m really hoping the salt helps my knee."

    Randi N.
  • "Very neat place! Was very relaxing and informative. I’m excited to see how well it works after multiple sessions!"

    J-Lynn A.
  • "Enjoyed experience and was relaxing. Will posts results after more visits."

    Ryan W.
  • "What a great way to relax. Not to mention all the added health benefits I get from the Breathe Salt Vault. Allergy relief, skin irrigation relief, and many other benefits. Very pleasant atmosphere and Kim (the owner) is awesome. I struggle to heal after surgeries and a doctor suggested halo therapy to speed up recovery time. It really works. Feeling depressed or anxious? Make an appointment today. Trust me you will be glad you did."

    Jeanie C.
  • "I love this place! When it first opened I gave it try to see if it would help me kick a lingering cough I couldn’t shake. Two 25 min visits and it was gone! I came back this week after I caught the horrible respiratory bug going around. Within 48 hrs my ears are clear, throat no longer sore and my cough significantly better. For me, this is my new go to place!  It’s also very peaceful and beautiful inside. I highly recommend giving them a try!"

    Casey G.
  • "Very helpful with the respiratory bug. I had relief after the first visit so I went back for a second session to kick the cough. I've already recommended Breathe Salt Vault to others"

    Carrie S.
  • "Enjoyed the visit, experience. I do think it helped my allergies and liked how my skin felt afterwards. I’ll be trying this service again!"

    Pam H.
  • "So relaxing and therapeutic. Definitely helped with my sinus issues. I’ll for sure be back!"

    Jessie M.
  • "Loved it!  I was able to breathe so much better afterwards!  I was recovering from bronchitis and a Halotherapy session really helped me get over the last hump.  I will definitely be back!  It was worth the 1 hour trip for me!"

    Rebecca C.
  • "I'm so excited to find this new business in town and would recommend it to everyone!  I feel so much better after just one visit, and plan to be a frequent customer."

    Barbara L.
  • "I discovered the Breathe Salt Vault last Sunday. I did a 25 minute session and was impressed. I had some lingering congestion from a cold and it immediately helped move that congestion out. The room was very quiet and soothing. Kim was very helpful and shared a lot about the advantages salt therapy. I would recommend anyone suffering from cold or sinus congestion to give it a shot."

    Pam W.
  • "I am in the wellness industry. I cannot recommend this place enough. Health benefits for EVERYBODY. Its a beautiful place and very relaxing. Great place to unplug and breathe in health!"

    Kelli L.
  • "After recovering a 25 minute treatment I noticed a big difference in my allergies. I am typically very allergic to dogs and after my session My nose was not bothered at all by the dog! I would definitely recommend trying especially around the cold season."

    Jessica D.