dry salt therapy

Dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, is a natural alternative and complimentary way of improving general wellness, respiratory issues, skin conditions, detoxification, athletic performance, and more. Halotherapy is a non-invasive, drug-free wellness ritual with no side effects.

Breathe Salt Vault has two salt rooms available for dry salt therapy sessions. The number of salt room sessions needed will vary based on your condition and symptoms. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and warm socks as our salt room temperature is kept at a cool 71 degrees. If you would like a skin condition to be exposed to salt, wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts (please no swim suits in public sessions).

Please arrive 15 minutes early to prepare for your session and store your belongings.

relaxation salt vault

Open to ages 13+

Wheelchair accessible

Our Relaxation Salt Vault is designed to be a retreat room for personal wellness. You will enter a serene environment with a glowing wall of salt, a zero gravity lounge chair, and quiet time. Relax and breathe while the air is filled with salt from our halogenerator.

oceanside salt vault

Open to ages 4 months and up. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The Oceanside Salt Vault is a private room for individuals or small groups of up to six people. Please call to make an appointment for larger groups. This salt vault features a floor of salt with beach chairs and blankets for lounging (other seating accommodations available upon request).

private rentals

The Oceanside Salt Vault is available for private sessions daily for individuals or small groups up to six people. Click Book Now to reserve your private session. Please contact us for groups of more than six.

Private rental of the Relaxation Salt Vault is $100 per hour. Please contact us to reserve a private Relaxation session.

Private venue rental for both salt vaults and the entire Breathe Salt Vault facility requires a $100 deposit plus an additional $150 per hour. Please contact us to book a private facility rental.

wellness classes

Breathe Salt Vault offers a variety of classes in the salt vault to support and improve your well-being. Our instructors lead wellness classes such as yoga, meditation, guided relaxation, and energy healing as you breathe in the benefits of salt therapy. Meet our instructors:

Beth Freeman

Teacher, healer, author

Beth spent nearly two decades in marketing followed by ten years in education. During her time teaching, she embraced her own personal healing with the assistance of a dedicated energy therapist. Today, Beth’s mission and indeed her passion is to help others find inner peace and their souls’ purpose in this life. Beth is the author of Daylight for the Soul and Forgiveness for the Soul. She is a dynamic speaker who gives inspirational talks about finding your soul’s purpose through healing and soul growth.

salted heart centered meditation & energy healing

The halotherapy session will open with a heart centered, grounding, guided meditation that will help you to calm the body and the mind, tuning into yourself and your soul allowing you to be fully present in the moment. Beth Freeman, teacher and healer, will then go around the room doing hands off energy healing.

Tana Aguas


Tana is a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor, Buti yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. She implements a fusion of aromatherapy, breath work and gentle movement to help students find deep relaxation. Her goal is to encourage self-connection to find peace within and around. Aside from yoga, Tana’s other passions include reading, writing, art and dancing. She lives in Springfield with her fiance and their two cats.

salted guided relaxation

Soothe your body and your mind through this 45 minute guided journey. This class incorporates calming techniques such as gentle movement, aromatherapy, self massage, sound and breath work to help students release anxiety and stress.